2020 Memory Tree

Remembering Loved Ones

      AMHERST – The “Baby Blue Eyes “ Spruce with vivid blue foliage was illuminated this year on the Amherst Town Common.  Although the spruce tree is in its infancy and still quite small, the message is significant. The blue spruce, layered in eight hundred white lights, shone brightly on the Amherst Town Common over the Holiday season.  For a small donation to the Amherst Garden Club’s Charitable Fund, loved ones who have passed, were memorialized. 

      Thanks to the generosity and caring of so many members of the community, the money will be carefully spent on a cause that is aligned to the Amherst Garden Club Mission. Past proceeds went directly to the Amherst Garden Club Scholarship Fund for those individual students attending an institution of higher learning to study horticulture, botany, plant science, landscaping design, or environmental science as it relates to horticulture.

In Loving Memory Of Our Families:

All Families who have lost a love one to Covid-19

The Bachman Family

The Osmond Beckett Family

The Richard B. Bruce Family

The Robert and Kathy Brundage Family

The Gene and Margaret Carmosino Family

The Cassulo Family

The Jackson Bryce Clemens Family

The Thornton and Jean Currier Family

The L. James and Alice Dailey Family

The Ron, Irene, and Janice Dean Family

The Duval Family

The Walter and Gertrude Dzenis Family

The Feeley Family

The William & Elsa Finke Family

The Gambie Family

The Jim and Joanne Jacobs Family

The George and Lorraine Jannery Family

The Johnson Family

The Barbara Z. & Melvin T. Johnson Family

The Otto & Marie Krosch Family

The Wilson Madigan Family

The James, Mildred, Virginia and Dan McAdams Family

The John F.McCarthy Family

The Leo J. McLaughlin Family

The William & Elisabeth Michaelis Family

The O’Brien Family

The Poppop and Gigi Family

The  Prifty Family

The James F.Rutledge Family

The Spiess Family

The Saint James Family

The Steele Family

The Tom & Marti Warren Family



*Past Amherst Garden Club Member

** An individual who has multiple remembrances

In Loving Memory Of:

Jean Anderson PhD

Fred Barreto

Alison Werner Barton

John Bartram Bement

Russell Bement

Samuel Bement

William Barnes Bement

Elaine Bennett

James Kuhnert Bennett

Barbara Berlack

Jeffrey Boczenowski

Raymond F. Bonenfant

Linda Bradbury

Edith Bridgewater

Jan Brown *

Gene Buckley 

Francis Cardea

Allyn Sanford Chabot

Maryann Conoway *

Janis Cloutier

John and Margaret Crisman

Tim and Kyle Crisman

Milly Cunningham


Romey Daley 

Gordon Dalrymple

Marjorie Dalrymple

Roger deLongchamp 

Lew Dokmo 

Nate Dokmo 

Mary Donovan

Don Dutremble

Donald Elliott 

Val Evans 

Bill Falgares

Jack Fedas Sr.

John Ferraro

Wanda Finke 

Patricia S. Fitzgerald (Sister Mary Bernadette, F.S.P.)

David Richard Fraser**

Esther Glaser

Janet Head Gustafson **

Isabel Hampton 

Fran Harrow 

Tom Head  **

Beth Rea Hebert

Virginia Hills 

Claire Hooper 

Daniel J .Houde

Katherine S. Houde

Robert Houde Sr. 

Myke Huestis

Judy Kimberly 

Rosemary Kleiman 

Daniel Lapoint 

Cindy Lebretore 

Prof. Hannah Levertov

Elizabeth Lippe 

Ann Logan *

Lee Luke

Polly Luke 

Elizabeth Baldwin Mado

Jack Malone 

Ida Maniglia 

Gertrude Martin *

Jane Martin *

Stuart Mccornack 

Ruth McKinstry

Mark Melle 

Rita Michaelis 

Eva Michaelis

Carl Miller 

Mary Mix *

Robbie Moody  Jr.

Virginia Ozinga 

Tito Pascoal 

Jan Petrella 

Wayne Pierson 

Henry Protzmann 

Thomas M. Quinn

Jordan Reckling 

Linda Reger 

Janet Reis 

Val Richardson 

Dr. Cedric Robinson

Nancy Robinson 

Catherine Rodger 

Infant Gabriel Rodriguez 

Linda Russel *

Ruth Sammis 

Charles Savage 

Joshua Savyou 

Diane Schroeder 

Janice Sevier *

Brendan Shea 

Terry Shields 

A.J. Sikora 

Jean Sikora 

Lyndel Simpson 

June Smith 

Mary Snaith *

Helen Sorrentino 

Stephen John Stafford

Rachel Steele 

Will Steele 

William Steytler 

Charlie Sullivan 

Silki Sullivan 

Greg Taylor 

Nathaniel Gordon Tencza

Stephen Toy 

Chuck Trantham 

Samuel Wanger 

Eugenia McManigal Ward

Joram Warmund 

Paul H. Wenger **

Paul S. Wenger **

Maureen Ellen Zimmer

Mary Zygmont

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M   E   D   I   A        G   R   O   U   P