Going Against the Will of the Amherst Voters?

To the editor:       

     In the March 10, 2015 Amherst election there was a warrant article asking voters to rezone a parcel of land from rural/residential to industrial.  Specifically, the March 10, 2015 ballot had Article 39: By Petition – To change the zoning of Tax Map 2, Lot 12-2 from Residential rural to Industrial. 

      The voters spoke out against this change – by a margin of about 4-1– 1963 against the rezoning and 556 for the rezoning. 

      Now the applicant is now trying to rezone this same area by using variances. This same parcel of land is now in front of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, with the owners asking for 3 variances to essentially rezone this to industrial - even after the voters of Amherst clearly voted against it.  The owners are asking for variances so they can put a warehouse in this residential zone, with two other variances seeking relief from floor/land ratio and building height requirements. 

      You may be thinking, that’s not near my home – it doesn’t really affect me. Aside from all the issues of significantly increased traffic on Rt 101A, Rt 101 and likely Rt 122, I’d ask you to think about whether approving these variances may set a precedent. If so, the next time the residential zone that allows an industrial warehouse or any other industrial building may be next to or close to your home.

      These variances are on the Tuesday May 17th agenda for the ZBA. The meeting is slated to be at Souhegan High School auditorium at 7pm. I urge any concerned residents to attend the May 17th meeting and make your voices be heard – especially any of the 1963 voters that opposed this in 2015. 


Respectfully submitted, 

Don and Barbara Staffiere


Thank You from the Amherst Lions Club

To the editor:       

     The Amherst Lions Club would like to express our sincere gratitude to the participants, donors, and supporters of our 48th Amherst Lions Club Pancake Breakfast, held at Wilkins School, April 10th, 2022.  It was a huge success.  Thank you for coming!

      In addition to our famous pancakes & sausage breakfast, we provided free vision checks with our instantaneous Digital Vision Screener to children and adults.  Our Amherst Police, Fire Rescue and CERT departments were there with information about what they do.  More importantly we had the chance to thank them for what they do! 

      Congratulations also go to the three youngsters who won in our picture coloring contests. They were Matius C, age 3 in Age 1-5yrs; Johnathon C, age 9 in 6-10 yrs.; and Kyle S, age 12 in11 to15yrs. I’m sure their parents are proud!

      We are very grateful for the contributions from our Lions Club Platinum and Gold sponsors for 2022. Ponemah Crossing Dental, Budget Blinds, McGuigan Financial, Cardoza Flooring, AG New England and LaBelle Winery. Thank you, 2022 Sponsors!

      Also, many local businesses donated supplies:  Market Basket, Shaws, Sam’s Club, Starbucks, Parker’s Maple Barn, Gage Hill Sugar Shack, Suburban Propane and Panera Bread.  We couldn’t do it without you!

      Special thanks to our local BSA Scout Troops 613 & 22 and Pack 613 for helping us by bussing tables and assisting where needed!   Pack 613 had a Chuck Wagon there, that they had made as a special project. It’s amazing what these scouts learn and get to do, to grow in the community.

      The Amherst lions has been a part of this community for 50 years this year.  It feels good to hold the events we do.  They bring us together as a community and provides an opportunity to share everyone’s generosity with local charities for those in need.  If you are interested in learning more about the Amherst Lions Club and our activities, please contact us at amherstlionsclub@gmail.com



Shirley Flowers

Amherst Lions Club

2022 Chair- Pancake Breakfast

SAU#39 Board Names Interim Superintendent of Schools

      The SAU #39 Board is pleased to announce it has appointed an Interim Superintendent for the 2022-2023 School Year.

      Current Assistant Superintendent Steven Chamberlin will assume the role of Interim Superintendent on June 10, 2022 and serve in that capacity until June 30, 2023.

      Prior to joining SAU #39, Mr. Chamberlin worked for the Hopkinton, NH School District for more than 22 years in various administrative roles including assistant principal, principal, and as the superintendent of schools for his last 12 years in that district.

      Mr. Chamberlin!s Interim Superintendent salary will be: $159,270.00.

      Upon the completion of his role as Interim Superintendent, Mr. Chamberlin will return to his role and salary as Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

      We look forward to working with him over the next year as we continue to support our community!s educational needs.


Steven Chamberlin:

“I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity. I have enjoyed working with and learning from the members of this educational community. I feel fortunate to be part of a community that places such a high value on public education. I look forward to the important work ahead.”

Stephen S. O’Keefe - SAU #39 Board, Chairperson

Tom Gauthier - Amherst School Board, Chairperson

Sarah Lawrence - Mont Vernon School Board, Chairperson

Stephanie Grund - Souhegan Cooperative School Board, Chairperson:


“ We are extremely fortunate to have someone with Steven's background and experience working within our school system. He is able to assume the role of Interim Superintendent and provide a seamless transition for our staff, students, and communities. Steven has significantly impacted our secondary schools during his short tenure and we look forward to working with him as we navigate the next 12 months. His passion and conviction for our students and educators is exemplified by his core belief in a ‘student first’ approach. We are confident our school system is in good hands.”