Shannon Chandley for Senate

To the Editor:

      As politically active newcomers to NH, we felt Shannon was immediately responsive and approachable as a State Senate Representative. As a resident of Amherst for over 20 years, Shannon truly cares about representing the best interests of our community and willingly invests the time and effort to do so effectively. Coming from a working-class family, her father a firefighter, it is clear that Shannon supports our law enforcement, firefighters, and EMTs.

      Shannon has worked across the aisle to pass effective solutions, leading the charge in removing the Merrimack tolls to reduce costs for local residents. Shannon helped to pass a budget prioritizing funding for public education, and property tax relief. Shannon will continue to support measures to reduce our utility costs and ensure we have safe drinking water. At a time when reproductive rights are under attack, we can rely on Shannon to support a woman’s right to choose the healthiest and safest reproductive options for her family. 

      With the small remuneration NH representatives receive, Shannon’s dedication is truly admirable and appreciated. We won’t hesitate to vote for Shannon Chandley as a voice of reason—as the best person to represent us in the NH Senate during these difficult times. If you have any doubt, please visit www.ShannonChandleyForNH.com to learn more.


Julie & Seth Smiley


Vote for Shannon Chandley,
a Mainstream Legislator

To the Editor:

      Please support Shannon Chandley for election to our state Senate District 11 on November 8th. I have known Shannon for over twenty years, served with her on numerous local and regional non-profit boards and worked with her on community projects. She is an experienced public servant having served three terms in the New Hampshire Legislature and one tern in the NH State Senate, where she served as Vice Chair of the Judiciary Committee. 

      She is a moderate and mainstream legislator who does not hesitate to reach across the aisle to serve the people.

      Shannon’s legislative focus is on strengthening the state’s economy, promoting public education, and preserving women’s right to make their own healthcare decisions.

      If you are looking for a candidate with experience, integrity and commitment to our community, Vote for Shannon Chandley!


Paul Spiess


Re-Elect Shannon Chandley

To the Editor:

      We have lived in Merrimack for over forty-seven years and we have seen a number of state senators come and go. We had one who was kind to animals, another who seemed more pre-occupied with the senate presidency, and yet another who had his eyes on the governor’s chair.

      None of them really represented us, until now.  Four years ago, Shannon Chandley became the state senator from our district and we indeed had representation. Senator Chandley is a supporter of public education, has fought voter suppression, and stands up for women’s reproductive rights.  She led the fight to  remove the tolls from Exit 11 which had been an unfair burden on Merrimack residents. It was a bill which was sponsored by Shannon Chandley which was passed and now those tolls are history.  She recognizes that  our future depends upon renewable energy if we our going to reduce our electric bills.

      It is for the above reasons, and many more that we shall be voting to return State Senator Shannon Chandley on November. 8th. She represents us!

John and Brenda Grady

Merrimack,  NH

We Need Chandley’s Voice in the NH Senate 

To the Editor:

      Anyone who knows Shannon Chandley, who represented NH Senate District 11 from 2018-2020, and before that Amherst in the NH House, knows that her character is beyond reproach. She is an incredibly hard worker for all her causes. She demonstrates civility and works towards bipartisanship. She is a unitor not a divider. 

      Her many achievements in and out of office are truly remarkable. These achievements include helping to pass a budget that prioritized quality public education, property tax relief, public safety and a strong state economy.  As a champion for NH’S environment, she worked for legislation to keep our drinking water safe.  She advocates for women’s freedom in terms of reproductive rights and supports law enforcement. 

 Shannon has been accused of wanting to raise taxes. The truth is that Shannon is opposed to an income tax, a sales tax and has voted to lower property taxes.  She is against defunding public schools in order to increase funding of private and religious schools which will raise property taxes. If her opponents tell you that Shannon is all about raising taxes, don’t believe them.

      Shannon and many other Democratic candidates are facing an obstacle in this election-Gerrymandering. The Republicans in our legislature passed redistricting legislation which Governor Sununu signed, making it easier for Republicans and more difficult for Democrats to win. They have rigged the elections.  Gerrymandering should be illegal but isn’t at present.

      Please vote for Shannon Chandley.  We need her voice in the NH Senate.


Penelope Eggleston,