Please Vote For John J. Coughlin For Hillsborough County Attorney 

To the Editor:

      Here I am, 21 months into a two-year term as your Hillsborough County Attorney. The time has gone by quickly, as we have been very busy from the start. Please let me share what we have been doing. 

      First, before we were even sworn in, we began seeking to rebuild relationships with our partner organizations. For example, we have been working hand in hand with the Attorney General’s Office on a wide variety of cases and organizational issues. We have also been working with police departments throughout the county to expand and improve communication and modernize case processing. We have identified and assigned additional duties to a specific assistant county attorney to serve as a liaison with the Manchester Police Department, since the Queen City is the largest community in our county and in the entire state. That assistant county attorney is physically present at the Manchester Police Station as their schedule allows and they are also communicating electronically with the police. The liaison serves to coordinate and foster improved cooperation between the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office and Manchester Police Department.  

      In addition, we are updating, managing, and disseminating a list of high priority cases on a bi-weekly basis. These cases have been identified by both our office and local law enforcement as cases which merit this kind of attention.  We have been making a successful effort with county government to introduce new technologies and extract as much as possible out of limited resources. The County Attorney’s Office is much improved from the operation it was 21months ago. 

      Of course, change is inevitable and much of it brings challenges. Several of our attorneys have moved on to other opportunities or retired. Some of our legal assistants are now attending law school. Nonetheless, the office is now full of dynamic attorneys and staff working tirelessly for justice. We’ve risen to the challenges with which we have been confronted and grown stronger as a result. Much remains to be done, but the efficiencies, technology and, most importantly, relationships we have established and reestablished are starting to yield dividends.  Our goals are the equal application of the law under the Rule of Law as well as protecting the rights of victims and allowing their voices to be heard. We continue to move the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office forward as we successfully prosecute serious felonies in both the Northern and Southern District. 

      As a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps and a Retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves and National Guard having served 3 Tours in Iraq as well as a retired State of New Hampshire Judge, I understand and appreciate how truly precious and fragile our Freedoms and Justice are.

      The General Election is scheduled for November 8, 2022. 

      Please vote for John J. Coughlin for Hillsborough County Attorney in the general election on November 8.  Thank you.

John Coughlin


Pamela Coughlin - Amherst State Representative

To the Editor:

      My name is Pamela Coughlin from Amherst and I am running for State Representative in Amherst.

      I grew up in New Hampshire and except for traveling with my husband, John, of 47 years to attend school and his tour of duty with the United States Marine Corps, I have always lived in New Hampshire.  We chose to live, work and raise our child in NH because of the unique qualities and opportunities that NH offers.  We have four grown children educated in local schools and graduates of Souhegan HIgh School and two grandchildren.

      I served formerly as NH State Representative, Hillsborough County Register of Deeds, Mont Vernon School Board and Souhegan Cooperative School Board.  I am currently an alternate on the Amherst Planning Board.

      I strongly support local law enforcement, parental rights, veterans rights and benefits.  I will fight against an income and sales tax.  I will work to make sure that we have a balanced budget where we get the best value for our earned tax dollars.

      Please vote for Pamela Coughlin for NH State Representative on November 8th.


Pamela Coughlin


Jim O’Mara Will Represent All of Amherst

To the Editor:

      I am voting for Jim O’Mara to be Amherst’s state representative on Nov 8th, and I urge all of you to join me.  

      I had the pleasure of working closely with Jim when he was the Amherst Town Administrator and I was serving on our Conservation Commission.   I met with Jim a number of times after my initial appointment, and found him to be knowledgeable of all town committees and commissions, their priorities, and their projects.  More importantly, he was patient in explanations, and our conversations provided an outstanding orientation, enabling better service to the town.  My initial impressions of him were reinforced over the ensuing years.

      In my experience, Jim always offers good guidance and support, and he is willing to listen to other viewpoints.  I also applaud his willingness to work with others, even those he does not agree with, to achieve good things for Amherst.  I fully expect this willingness to collaborate will continue, as that approach is desperately needed in Concord.

      I trust Jim to represent all of Amherst, and I hope that you will, too. Vote Jim O’Mara for State Representative on November 8th.



Daryl D’Angelo