Russ Hodgkins for State Representative

To the Editor:

      I am Russ Hodgkins, and I hope to serve all the citizens of Amherst as one of the three State Representatives we send to the State House in Concord.

      Why am I running?  Misguided government policies are fueling near double-digit inflation and forcing working families to pay record high prices, especially at the grocery store and gas pump.  I decided that I could either sit around and complain about it or roll up my sleeves and try to help fix it.  I’ll work to keep New Hampshire taxes and spending under control.


What do I stand for?  I am:

A Fiscal Conservative.  

  • Pro-Family

  • Against Sales and Income Tax.  

  • Pro Law & Order.

  • Supporter of Veterans.  As an Air Force combat veteran, I know first-hand that many of my fellow veterans face difficult challenges.  I am the only veteran running; I hope my unique perspective will help solve some these challenges.


I have outlined my positions on these issues in detail on my website: www.Russ4Amherst.com  My website has a question/comment option that you can use to send me further questions.

      I am grateful for the support I received in the Primary Election and hope to have your support in the General Election on November 8th.  


Sincerely yours,

Russ Hodgkins

Republican Candidate for Amherst State Representative (Hillsborough District 34)

O'Mara for State Rep

To the Editor:

      I am writing in support of Jim O’Mara to be our State Representative for Amherst. Jim has been my neighbor for over 20 years, and I know him to be a man of character who has been a pillar in our community for as long as I have lived here.

      In his thirty years of residence in Amherst, Jim has been a leader in making important contributions to the schools and town, particularly with his work on both the Amherst School Board and the Amherst Select Board. Of note, is his commitment to enhance and improve the Amherst Rec Dept that resulted in, among other things, the creation of the Bean Fields sports complex. 

      I have always known Jim as the type of guy you can count on when you need any kind of help. I fondly remember Jim coaching our children in baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer with the Amherst Recreation Department. Jim once told me that his role as youth sports coach was to “make sure every kid on the team has so much fun that they want to come back next year.” What a great model of commitment and sportsmanship for our children. 

      I know Jim will continue his hard work and commitment to our community as our State Rep. I hope that the residents of the town will remember his countless contributions to everyone in Amherst - regardless of political affiliation - and join me in voting for Jim for State Rep. 



Michael Foley