Frederic Chopin: Brushed by an Angel's Wing

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 7:00 – 8:15 PM.   Via Zoom

      A quiet and reserved man who lived for his art, Frederic Chopin appeared only in a little over two dozen public concerts. His music is filled with moments of intense depth and anguish. However, despite being in physical and mental agony for most of his life, his playing was graceful, poignant, and delicate. Delve into the life of contrast of this 19th century musical prodigy who preferred the darkness when the world so longed for his light. 

      This program consists of spoken lecture as well as live piano performance.

      Presenter Dan Lupo has published over 15 books on music and music theory through his book publishing company Encore Music Books. He is the owner of A to G School of Music, as well as the founder of Five Minute Mozart - an online video tutorial program which provides music theory education for beginning to intermediate students. With more than two million total views, these video courses have been seen in every country and state and are currently being utilized by music teachers and students all over the world.

      Virtual Program. Registration Required.


Tulipmania and Dutch Flower Painting
Tulip Mania_edited.jpg

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 7:00 – 8:15 PM.   via Zoom

      Let’s take a look at the events of the 1630s when speculators drove up the prices of tulip bulbs to dizzying heights. The development of Dutch flower painting and the phenomenon known as “tulipmania” share the same root causes in 17th century Netherlands; that is, an interest in objects of great appeal and rarity, whether just for their beauty or their scientific notoriety.

      But what was really happening and has it been overblown in history? We will discover where the practice of flower painting began for the Dutch, in response to the value of live flowers; a practice of painting beautiful still lives that continues today.

      Led by art historian Mary Woodward, who serves as a guide at several Historic New England properties. She previously served as Public Programs Coordinator and Educator at the Concord Museum. Woodward has a B.A. in Art History from Furman University and a M.A. in Art History from Emory University. She has 40+ years of experience in museums of all shapes and sizes, from the comprehensive collection at the Cleveland Museum of Art to the one-room log cabin birthplace of President James K. Polk.

      Virtual Program. Registration Required. This program will be recorded.

Cross-Country RV Trip, Part II, with Brian and Dawn Massa

(In Person)


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 7:00 – 8:15 PM

Main Floor- Main Reading Room, Amherst Town Library,

14 Main Street, Amherst, NH, 03031

      After sharing their 2021 RV travel experience, Amherst residents Brian and Dawn Massa return to the Amherst Library to share their 2022 travel experiences and photos from their second cross-country RV trip. This time Brian and Dawn traveled a northwestern route out to Oregon and Crater Lake. Stops along the way included Grand Teton, Yellowstone (during the 1000-year flood), Custer State Park, Glacier, Badlands, and more.

      In-Person Program. Registration Required.

An Evening with Melanie Benjamin

(In Person)

Melanie Hauser_edited.jpg

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 7:00—8:00 PM

Main Floor- Main Reading Room, Amherst Town Library,

14 Main Street, Amherst, NH, 03031

      New York Times Bestselling author Melanie Benjamin will join us to discuss her award-winning books and career, giving us insight into her writing and research process and how she is inspired to explore timeless issues by shining a light on compelling moments in history.

      Melanie Benjamin is the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling historical novels The Swans of Fifth Avenue, about Truman Capote and his society swans, The Aviator's Wife, a novel about Anne Morrow Lindbergh, and Mistress of the Ritz, based on the true story of the American woman who ran the Ritz during World War II, catering to the Nazi occupiers by day while working for the Resistance by night. Her latest novel, The Children's Blizzard, is a gripping tale of survival and forgiveness amidst a devastating, real-life blizzard that hit the Great Plains on the afternoon of January 12, 1888.

      In-Person Program. Registration Required

Author Photo by Deborah Feingold