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Memory Tree


Remembering Loved Ones

Carolyn C. Quinn

October 18, 1940 - November 8, 2022

“There are some who bring a light so great to the world, that even after they have gone the light remains.”

— unknown

Carolyn Quinn.jpg

Memory Tree 2022 Dedication: Carolyn Quinn passed away this fall and the Amherst Garden Club would like to honor her life by dedicating our 27th Memory Tree to her. A longtime resident and AGC member, Carolyn brought the original idea of a Memory Tree to Amherst to enrich the meaning of the holiday season. The year was 1995 when she announced that a Memory Tree would be lit at the Annual Town Tree Lighting on the green, in honor of those whose memory we particularly cherish. Since then, it has become an Amherst tradition for the Memory Tree to remain lit throughout the holiday season.   This year, an eight-foot Fraser Fir across from Moulton's Market in the village was lit with hundreds of tiny white lights to carry on this beloved tradition.  

      The funds that are raised each season are used to support worthy local causes that are carefully selected as aligned with the mission of the Amherst Garden Club. We hope these tiny white lights will once again serve as reminders to family and friends of those people who have passed and were so significant in our lives. Thank you to everyone who so generously contributes to making the Memory Tree such a success each year. 




Remembering these families: 

The Baldwin Family

The Frank & Nancy Brown Family

The Ronald Dean Family

The William Gambee Family

The Gordon Family

The Ann & Dr. W.B. Ligett Family

The Marsh Family

The James McAdams Family

The Leo J. & Kay McLaughlin Family

The Pegleg Partners Family

The James & Roberta Rutledge Family

The Francis Ryan Family

The Salter Family

The Helen & Joseph Stefanec Family

The John Trainor Family

The Tom & Marti Warren Family

The Wilson Madigan Family

The Wojcicki / McChrystal Family


Remembering these individuals:

Charles V. Asselin

Fred Barreto

Julie Barreto

Alison Werner Barton 

Meta Edythe Beckett

Robert Osmond Beckett

John Bartram Bement

Rusty Bement

Samuel Bement

Elaine M. Bennett

Ron & Barbara Berlack

Jeffrey Boczenowski

Raymond F. Bonenfant

Alex Carson Bowers

Linda Bradbury

Daniel Bregger

Edith Bridgewater

Nancy Brown

Dick Bush

Brian Callahan

Gene & Margaret Carmosino

Allyn S. Chabot

Carolynn Chabot

Caitlin Clarke Cheslawski

Jackson Bryce Clemens

John Cody

Thornton & Jean Currier

L. James & Alice Dailey

Windows Dailey

Gordon & Marjorie Dalrymple

Jean H. Demers

Joseph A. Donnini

Carol Drescher

Ted Drotleff

Donald Dutremble

Walter & Gertrude Dzenis

Donald Elliott

Bill Falgares

John & Dorothy Feeley

Elsa & William Finke

Wanda & Alred Finke

Abigail Sarom Fitzgerald

Jesse Fortier

David R. Fraser

Tiit Gentalen

Nick Geskos

Esther Kanef Glaser

Margaret Grattan

Janet Gustafson

Tom Head

Larry Heileman

Janice Hickey

Claire Hooper

Daniel J. Houde

Katherine S. Houde

Robert F. Houde, Sr.

Carla Jillson

Barbara & Melvin T. Johnson

Bill & Norma Johnson

Joseph Keifer

Virginia Keough

Patrick D. Kline

Anne Krantz

Marie & Otto Krosch

Bennett James Kuhnert

Laurence & Barbara Landry

Daniel T.C. Lapoint

Mike Larivee

Brendan LeBlanc

Donald LaForest

Cindy Lebretore

Jim Leonard

Elizabeth Lippe

William Long

Ronald Lutz

John Lyons

Chester MacDonald

Jimmy Mapes

David Martin

Jack X. McCarthy

Leo McCarthy

Joseph Mattise

Norm McKinstry

Ruth McKinstry

Mark Melle

Elisabeth & William Michaelis

Eva Michaelis 

Rita Michaelis

Peter Mitchell

Francine L. Moody

Nancy M. Moody

Robbie Moody, Jr.

Diana Moore

Ramsay Moore

George Morrill

Margie Neilly

Ed Obermiller

Irwin Park

John Park

William Richard Park

Tito Pascoal

Robert Patenaude

Wayne K. Pierson

Roberta Potter

Ann Price

Gerry Prunier

Carolyn Quinn

Jim Quinn

William Rapf

Geraldine Moody Reckling

Jordon Reckling

Valerie Richardson

Dr. Cedric Robinson

Nancy Robinson

Catherine Rodget

Amy Rowe

Mark Rutledge

Gabriel Salvage

Ruth & Henry Sammis

Joshua Savyon

Janet Sevier

Terry Shields

A.J. & Jean Sikora

Kevin Slattery

Brian Spence

Gary Spiess

Louise & Howard Spiess

Pauline St. Pierre

Rachel Steele

William Steele

Elias John Steinruck

Florence Steytler

William Steytler

Arlene Sylvester

Dr. R. Emerson Sylvester

Nathaniel Tencza

Ron Thomas

Allen J. Trafton

Harry Truman

George Vermette

MacKenna Walker

Samuel Wanger

Eugenia McManigal Ward

Rod Warner

Paul H. Wenger

Paul S. Wenger

James M. Wingard

Judith Winship

Victoria Wisniewski

June Alper Zeiner

Maureen Ellen Zimmer

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