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Lions Club Thank You for Citizen of the Year

To the editor:

      I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to all my dear Amherst friends who were responsible for bestowing upon me the unbelievable honor of being recognized as the Lions Club 2021 Citizen of the Year. 

      I am humbled to be among the company of so many distinguished and accomplished individuals, is a once in a life-time honor. I thank you for welcoming me as a volunteer on so many town committees, and organizations where I truly gained more than I gave and by being associated with so many wonderful and capable volunteers who shared common interests from conservation to our community heritage. 

      Especially, I wish to thank the Lion’s Club for setting the example for so many years of what steadfast community service means.


Anne Krantz Humble Lions Club  

Citizen of the Year 2021

Thank You, Amherst Voters!

To the editor:

      I am grateful to the voters of Amherst for entrusting me with another term as your selectman.  I will work hard to justify your continued trust in me.  

      Thank you to the 2,293 voters who made the time to come to the polls and vote on a glorious, oven-like summer day.  I know you had many more fun and interesting things to do — probably involving airconditioning.  :)  Thank you to all the poll workers, the Moderator, and the selectmen who were shorthanded (by one) all day long.

      And lastly, thank you to all the candidates, especially the first time ones.  Whether you won or lost, Amherst voters benefit from having a choice between familiar names and new ones.  


Thank you!

John D’Angelo


What Happened to Democracy? 

To the editor:

      Did the New Hampshire State Legislature and Governor Chris Sununu’s new state budget turn away federal funds for public education with its budget rider school voucher program?  Did they violate the U.S. Constitution’s right to free speech and turn away federal funds with its budget rider ban on student discussions on racism and sexism?  Did they violate the U.S. Constitution’s case law for limited abortion rights for women with its budget rider, including making no exemption for rape, incest, and the medical condition of the fetus?  Why do state lawmakers use budget riders instead of holding public hearings and public input on legislation?  What happened to democracy?  Did budget riders take it away?


Jonathan Melle


Voters Support ACC Mission

To the editor:

      On behalf of the Amherst Conservation Commission (ACC), I would like to thank all of you who voted on June 8th in favor of acquiring additional open space here in Amherst. We are fortunate to have a community that places a high value on the protection of wildlife habitat, water resources and the rural aesthetic that makes Amherst special. Your support of Warrant Article #22 will enable the ACC and the Town to offer a meaningful conservation option to owners of undeveloped parcels when they are considering selling their property. The selection criteria derived from our Conservation Plan will assure that only properties offering the highest ecological value, water protection and associated natural resource conservation are acquired.

      We look forward to continuing the conservation mission entrusted to the ACC by the Town and State, and confirmed by your recent vote.


With many thanks.

Rob Clemens, Chair,

Amherst Conservation Commission

JULY 2021