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AGC Program – May 4, 2023

Earth Friendly Gardening
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Mark Richardson visits, Thursday, April 6th.

       The Amherst Garden Club is excited to welcome Mark Richardson on Thursday, May 4, 2023 for an enlightening presentation on “Earth Friendly Gardening.”

       Are you committed to saving the planet?  Are you dedicated to improving the environment for your children and grandchildren? If you are interested in making sure that the Earth’s valuable resources are preserved for future generations to come, then this presentation is for you. We’ve all learned to live our lives a little greener in recent decades. From reusable grocery bags to electric cars, many of us take pride in making choices to lead more sustainable lives. 

Gardening should be no different.  Learn about the ways gardening impacts the environment and how you can be a more earth friendly gardener.  

       Mark Richardson, who is this month’s presenter, is the director of horticulture for the New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill in Boylston, Massachusetts. Prior to this, he was the director of horticulture for the New England Wild Flower Society.  He is the co-author of Native Plants for New England Gardens, which he wrote with Dan Jaffe.

       The Amherst Garden Club meeting will be in person, with masks optional, at the Messiah Lutheran Church, 303 Route 101 in Amherst, beginning at 9:15 AM on May 4th with the Club General Meeting followed by a break before Mark begins his presentation at 10:30. 

May 2023 – Side Shoots

“Good Weed/Bad Weed

        On Thursday, May 11, from 7-8 PM, at the Amherst Town Library, the Amherst Garden Club’s Side Shoots and the Amherst Town Library will co-sponsor a program titled:   Good Weed/Bad Weed.   What is a Good Weed?  What is a Bad Weed?  Is there any difference?  What is a weed?  Is it a condition of semantics or personal preference?  Come and find out!

        Mary Salmon, our presenter, a long time Amherst Garden Club member and NH Master Gardener, is back to give us some tips about a few ‘Weeds.’

        Please register on the library’s Calendar of Events if you are interested in attending.

Mary Salmon - Side Shoots May 2023_edited.jpg

Mary Salmon


Amherst Garden Club Chair Raffle

EVERYONE NEEDS A GARDEN CHAIR! We work so hard in our gardens and on our landscapes, we all need to also take time to just sit, relax and enjoy what we have accomplished. These Adirondack Chairs were built and hand painted by club members. If you want to see them in person and/or would still would like to purchase tickets they will be at the Amherst Garden Center (Rte. 101, Amherst) Saturday and Sunday May 6 & 7. Stop by and check them out!! Tickets will  be sold at the plant sale (May 13) until 11:00am. The drawing is at NOON!

Amherst Garden Club’s Garden Tips for May 2023

Garden Tips for the Month of May:

  • Mix herbs with flowers in your outdoor pots, such as parsley with fuchsia, or dill with lace flower.  You’ll flavor your favorite dishes until frost.

  • Use potting soil, not garden soil, for container plants.

  • A safe homemade insecticide for soft-bodied bugs, such as aphids, mites, and mealy bugs is a mix of 2 cups water, 1 tsp. baking soda, ½ tsp. olive oil, and a few drops of dish liquid. 

  • Do not be a slave to your lawn! It is environmentally preferable NOT to remove grass clippings.  Leave those clippings on the lawn to provide fertilizer for the grass and to help retain soil moisture to promote root growth. The trick is to mow regularly, cutting no more than a third of the grass length.

The Amherst Garden Club’s mission is to promote the love of gardening, civic landscaping a­­­nd environmental responsibility within the community.  In accordance with this mission, a few gardening tips are shared each month from the “Amherst Garden Club’s Regional Gardening Throughout the Year Calendar.” The calendar is available for purchase at the Amherst Garden Center, 305 Route 101, Amherst.    

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