Lions Club Announces Amherst Citizens of the Year, 2020+2021

      Amherst’s Citizens of the Year – John A. Harvey and Anne Krantz – share one characteristic: both have a passion for conservation albeit their approaches are different. 

At Amherst’s July 4th celebration, Harvey was named 2020’s Citizen of the Year and Krantz received the award for 2021 as last year’s event was cancelled due to the pandemic, said Amherst Lions Club former President Reed Flowers. 

      Harvey joined the town’s conversation commission in 1986 when he and his family moved to the town. Since then, he has served as a member since including chairman. Under his leadership, said Flowers, Harvey supervised the doubling of the conversation lands from 1,200 acres to more than 2,600 acres; introduced technology for mapping and websites used to provide detailed trail maps; and organized and recruited volunteers to help maintain the more than 25 miles of trails within Amherst. 

      The small business owner led the team of commissioners responsible for the design, initial funding, construction, and staffing of the Peabody Mill Environmental Center (PMEC) established in 1997. The former sawmill and family homestead today offers conservation education with summer camps, classes, workshops, and trail walks.  

      “John is a forward thinker whose passion for the natural world and his financially sound business acumen continues to be a gift to the town of Amherst,” said Flowers. “His quiet behind-the-scenes contributions for the past 34 years benefits future generations and reminds its citizens the town’s resources are precious and worth protecting.”

      Krantz and her family moved to Amherst in 1983 when she began a life-long career in volunteerism with a focus on conservation, including a stint as secretary for the Amherst Conservation Committee; helping control the invasive plants encroaching on conservation

Suk and John Harvey 2020 COY taken 4 July 2021[4] copy_edited.png

John Harvey (right) received honors as Amherst’s 2020 Citizen of the Year at this year’s 4th of July town celebrations as last year’s event were cancelled due to the pandemic. Harvey has been a member of the town conservation commission for more than 30 years. Among his contributions, he led the effort to double the conservation lands’ holdings, introduced technology to ensure accurate mapping and detailed trail maps and supervised the volunteers who maintain the trails. In addition, he led the team to design and build the Peabody Mill Environmental Center that is the town’s hub for environmental education.  Wife Suk in on the left. (Amherst Lions Club photo.)  

Anne Krantz (left) was named Amherst’s 2021 Citizen of the Year at the town’s July 4th celebrations. A resident since 1983, she volunteered to serve on several town and state boards and committees that advocate environmental maintenance and protection, including the town Planning Board, the Amherst Conservation Committee, the Stormwater Committee, and the State Pesticide Control Board. She also was a Cub Scout Pack 22 Den leader and regularly helped create costumes for the PTA’s plays. Her name will be engraved on a permanent plaque that resides in Amherst Town Hall. Husband Ted is on the right. (Amherst Lions Club photo.)

lands, teaching at the PMEC; and identifying the largest tree species in Amherst. Her time on several town and state boards and committees, including the Planning Board,Stormwater Committee, Heritage Commission, and the State Pesticide Control Board, gave her a platform to advocate for ecosystem maintenance and preservation. 

      “Using her gardening skills this master gardener’s passion led her to teach at the NH Correctional Facility for Women,” said Lions President Nate Jensen, “instructing the women on how to plan and maintain vegetable gardens.”  

      She and her husband had four children when they arrived in Amherst, which meant leaping into youth activities that included volunteering as a Cub Scout Den leader and

leading costuming for the PTA’s plays. And because she has played the French horn since grade school, she is a regular in area town bands.“Anne’s kindness combined with an infectious attitude multiplies the good our many volunteers do for the community,” said Jensen.

      The Amherst Lions Club has sponsored the Citizen of the Year program since 1975. At this year’s reverse parade, Harvey and Krantz were introduced as well as this year’s grand marshal, Don Potter, who was 2019’s Citizen of the Year.        Citizen of the Year recipients receive an engraved medal and bowl, and their names are engraved on the COY plaque that is permanently on display at town hall.       

JULY 2021