Souhegan Boys Soccer Drop 0-4 to Oyster River in Final Home Game

10/19/21        4:30PM kickoff       Amherst, NH     

Sabers v. Oyster River HS


                  1    2    FT        

Sabers       0    2    2        

Stevens      0    3    3         



Sabers –  Ryan Lockitt         4 saves

Sanborn  –  Nolan Ash         7 saves    


Time        Team        Goal                    Assist

42min      Sanborn   Matt Martin          Brady Ash

47min      Sanborn   Matt Martin          Unassisted

51min      Sabers     Ryan Fillion          Coleman Paulini

68min      Sanborn   Caleb Lesickza    Matt Martin

77min      Sabers     Baxter Paulini       Calvin Jaques


Sabers     5 wins - 7 losses - 0 draws

Sanborn   4 wins - 9 losses - 0 draw


    With a fine start to the afternoon with partly cloudy skies, the weather changed to a darkened sky reflecting the results for the Sabers.  Although there were fantastic performances on the field, the strength of Sanborn Regional shone through.  The tough competitors dressed in blue used the width of their home field to their advantage, striking early in the 2nd half at the 42nd and 47th minute. 

     That didn’t change the Saber mentality though, as the visitors shifted some personnel and Ryan Fillion managed to outgun the big center back scoring on a feed from Coleman Paulini in the 51st minute.  New life was breathed into the side, finding multiple combinations of wonderful passing in the midfield to get a couple of well earned chances near the top of the opposition penalty box.  

     In the 68th minute, Sanborn Regional’s wide attack on their left was stymied, yet they found a quick switch to the opposite flank, and drove the ball in from an acute angle off the post, restoring their 2 goal lead.  

     The scrappy Sabers kept pushing though, looking to create more chances.  In the 77th minute, the Sabers’ Baxter Paulini finished from close range off a driven service from Calvin Jaques, once again bringing hope to the visiting side.  

    Still with time left, the Sabers managed to create 2 more quality opportunities, yet left Sanborn without joy on the outing.

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