SHS Girls Lacrosse

Souhegan vs Concord 16-4

May 10, 2022

Mackenzie Cretsinger- 3G, 1A, 7DC, 8GB

Riley Devine- 1A

Natalie Heimarack- 2G, 1A, 2DC, 5GB, 2CT

Emma Kennedy- 2G, 2A, 8GB, 1CT

Lyla Kimball- 2G, 1A, 2DC, 6GB, 1CT

Sierra Kimball- 3GB

Maddie Lim- 3G, 1GB, 1CT

Elle Stevenson- 4G, 2A, 3DC, 7GB

Shannon Hargreaves- 5 saves

Souhegan Beats Windham 16-5

May 18, 2022

Elle Stevenson- 5G, 1A, 5DC, 2GB, 1 interception

Mackenzie Cretsinger- 2G, 2DC

Emma Kennedy- 2G, 1DC, 3GB

Lyla Kimball- 3G, 2DC, 2GB, 1CT

Madeline Lim- 1G, 2GB

Natalie Heimarck- 2G, 2DC, 2GB

Riley Devine- 1G, 2A

Sierra Kimball- 1G, 1 interception

Shannon Hargreaves- 8 saves


Souhegan Beats South 16-8

June 1, 2022

Elle Stevenson- 4 goals, 1CT

Mackenzie Cretsinger- 4G, 7DC, 2GB, 1CT

Emma Kennedy- 3G, 4A, 1GB

Lyla Kimball- 2G, 5DC, 4GB, 1CT

Maddie Lim- 1G, 3GB, 2CT

Natalie Heimarck- 1G, 3GB, 2CT

Riley Devine- 4GB, 2CT

Alice Serbin- 3GB, 3CT

Alison Jordan- 1CT

Sierra Kimball- 3GB, 1CT

Shannon Hargreaves- 9 saves


Souhegan Beats Nashua North 17-2

May 24, 2022

Elle stevenson 5 goals, 2A, 4DC

Mackenzie Cretsinger 1G, 1DC

Emma Kennedy 1G, 1A, 2DC, 3GB

Lyla Kimball 2G, 1A, 3DC, 3GB

Maddie Lim 2G, 1A,1DC, 4GB

Natalie Heimarck 1G, 1A, 1DC, 1GB

Riley Devine 1G, 1A, 2GB

Abby Giannetti 2G

McKenzie Berry 1G

Lyla Hawkes 1G, 2A, 1GB

Brooke Fallon 2DC, 2GB


Souhegan Beats Londonderry 17-6

May 20, 2022

Elle Stevenson - 4G, 2A, 3DC, 3GB

Mackenzie Cretsinger- 7G, 7DC, 8GB

Emma Kennedy- 3G, 1A, 2GB

Lyla Kimball- 1G, 4GB

Natalie Heimarck- 2G, 1A, 2DC, 4GB

Riley Devine- 2A


Portsmouth Beats Souhegan 18-8

May 25, 2022

Elle Stevenson 5G, 2A, 2DC

Emma Kennedy 2A, 3GB

Lyla Kimball 1G, 5GB, 1DC

Natalie Heimarck 2G, 1A, 3DC, 3GB

Shannon Hargreaves 18 saves 


Souhegan vs Central 17-4

May 17, 2022

Maddie Lim- 3G, 1A

Elle Stevenson- 5G, 2A

Natalie Heimarck- 2G, 1A

Mackenzie Cretsinger- 1G, 1A

Lyla Kimball- 1G, 1A

Alice Serbin- 1G

Emma Kennedy- 2G, 3A

Riley Devine- 1G, 1A

Abby Giannetti- 1A

Shannon Hargreaves- 4 saves

AMS Eagle Track Team Flies High Again!

      For two decades Head Track & Field Coach, Jeff Wing, has compiled an amazing record of success utilizing a disciplined training approach.  And this year he enlisted the talents of (X-C) distance run-ning coach Tivan Casavant and organizational skills of “wonder women” Karin Pariselli who overseas volunteer coordination and timing, etc.  For home meets, visiting coaches always remark how impressed they are with how well Amherst home meets are run and how great the facility is.  “A true model for other schools in NH.”  

      On May 6th, the AMS team had their best showing of the 2022 season (see results below), which bodes well for the important championship meets coming up later this month.

AMS v. Merrimack Middle, St. Christopher Academy, Cawley Middle Schools - June 12

Girls Team Scores

Place   Team                                                                             Points

1.          Amherst Middle School                                                      78

2.          Cawley Middle School/Hooksett                                          75.50

3.          Merrimack Middle School                                                   64.50

4.          Saint Christopher Academy                                                 28

                                                                                           Total 246.00

Boys Team Scores

Place   Team     Points

1.          Amherst Middle School                                                      109.20

2.          Merrimack Middle School                                                    82.20

3.          Cawley Middle School/Hooksett                                            51.40

4.          Saint Christopher Academy                                                   8

                                                                                           Total 250.80