Tax Analysis

FY 2022 Souhegan Cooperative School District

Article 2 – Operating Budget                                               $19,772,103   

Default Budget ($19,396,334)    

Amherst Tax impact: $0.34/thousand

Mont Vernon Tax impact: -$0.03/thousand

Amherst Tax impact of No vote: $0.16/thousand

Mont Vernon Tax impact of No vote:  -$0.22/thousand

Article 3 – School Maintenance Expendable Trust Fund      $163,000

Amherst Tax impact: $0.08/thousand 

Mont Vernon Tax impact: $0.08/thousand

Article 4 – Souhegan Recreation Revolving Fund to come from unassigned fund balance.   $85,000

Tax impact: No impact.  

Tax impact if article fails: -$0.04/thousand for Amherst

and -$0.04/thousand for Mont Vernon


Total  $20,020,103

Total of SCSB budget and warrant articles: $20,020,103


Amherst Tax impact: $0.42/thousand, Mont Vernon Tax impact: $0.05

Avg. Amherst home: $353,000 x $0.42 = $148 increase


FY 2022 Amherst School District

Article 12 - Operating Budget                                                $30,429,864

Default budget ($30,129,704)

Tax impact is: $0.00/thousand.

Tax impact of not passing this article is: -$0.17 per thousand.

Article 13 – Approve tuition agreement with Mont Vernon School District to continue sending students to Amherst Middle School.

Article 14 – Approve renewal of lease agreement with SAU 39 for lease of Brick School for a term of 5 years and approve the right to renew for one additional 5 year term.

Article 15 – Amherst School District Capital Facilities Repair, Maintenance and Improvement Expendable Trust Fund. $500,000 to come from unassigned fund balance.

Tax impact of passing: $0.00

Tax impact of not passing: -$0.29


Total of ASD budget and warrant articles: $30,429,864


Tax impact on avg. home of  $353,000: $0.00 

Avg. Amherst home: $353,000 x $0.00 = $0


FY 2022 Town of Amherst

                                                                          Gross amount     Tax impact

A22    Open Space Acquisition Bond                       $6,000,000    $0.09

A23.   Operating Budget                                         $14,877,676    $0.46

A24.   Contingency Fund                                             $120,000    UFB 

A24.   Police Station Renovation CRF                         $200,000     $0.12

A25.   Communications Center CRF                             $25,000     $0.01

A26.   Assessing CRF                                                   $25,000     $0.01

A27    Service Connected total disability tax credit                        $0.01      

A28    Bridge Repair/Replacement CRF                     $200,000     $0.11      

A29     Fire/Rescue Vehicle&Equipment CRF             $257,000     $0.15

A30     Establish DPW Vehicles and Equipment.        $120,000     $0.07  

A31    Police Station Renovation Completion              $200,000     UFB 

A32    Establish & Fund CRF for Multimodal Facilities  $75,000     $0.04

A33    Recreation Fields Acquisition & Construction CRF  $50,000     $0.03

A34    NH Resolution for Fair Nonpartisan Redistricting           (by petition)

*Capital Reserve Fund - CRF

*Undesignated Fund Balance - UF

Operating budget & articles

TOTAL FY 22 – 16,149,676

Does not include $6,000,000 Open Space Bond

Tax impact: $0.78/thousand

Avg. home: $353,000 x $0.78 = $275 increase


Total tax impact of Three Districts on $353,000/property:

Town of Amherst                   $275

Amherst School District        $000

Souhegan Cooperative         $148

TOTAL                                   $423

All numbers were published on ballots and handouts

at the deliberative meeting.

Estimated revenues and credits for FY22: $11,970,167

Warrant Article 22, Open Space Acquisition 

ARTICLE 22: Open Space Acquisition Bond 

      What is this?  Faced with increasing development pressure and a desire by town residents to protect open space, water resources, and the rural aesthetic of the town, the Amherst Conservation Commission (ACC) has proposed a $6 million bond warrant article to enable purchase and conservation of open space in town. 

      How important is acquiring open space to maintaining the rural feel of Amherst?  The amount of protected open space in southern New Hampshire towns is strongly associated with the “rural feel” of each locality.  The most recent data available provides a snapshot of Amherst in comparison to several of its neighbors: 

Bedford         8% conserved 

Merrimack     9% 

Amherst     14% 

Hollis           32% 

Verification of Voter Checklist

      New Hampshire law requires that the Supervisors of the Checklist verify the checklist every ten years. Any person on the checklist who has not voted in the past four years must re-register to remain on the checklist. The Supervisors are sending notice letters to these voters at the address the voter provided when registering. 

      The Supervisors of the Checklist for the Town of Amherst will hold a session for re-registering voters who have not voted since April 1, 2017, accepting applications for new voter registration, accepting requests for the correction of the checklist, and or change of political party affiliation on: 

Date: Monday, June 14  2021 

Time: 7:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. 

Location: Amherst Town Hall – Clerks Office


Voters may check party affiliation online:

Applicants for registration who possess proof of identity, age, citizenship, and domicile should bring that proof when they come to register. Qualified applicants who do not possess proof or who do not bring proof with them may still register if they sign an affidavit attesting to their qualifications for identity, age, and citizenship, and / or domicile. 

Voters/Applicants may also register during normal Clerk office hours.

For RSA information:

JUNE 2021