Superintendent Search Screening Committee:

Dear Amherst and Mont Vernon Community:

      The SAU #39 Board has hired the New England School Development Council (NESDEC) to assist with the search for a new Superintendent of Schools.

      In the next few weeks, the SAU #39 Board intends to appoint a Screening Committee to assist in the candidate search process. While the SAU #39 Board has the sole responsibility to appoint the superintendent, the Board members wish to have the benefit of input from a Screening Committee made up of various members of the community and schools. The Screening Committee will review applications, interview candidates, and recommend several candidates to the SAU #39 Board for further consideration.

      The SAU #39 Board seeks four community members to serve on the Screening Committee. The individuals recommended should be available to attend several evening meetings and all candidate interview sessions. These candidate interview sessions are anticipated to occur during the first two full weeks of December and will likely be predominantly during the day. Additionally, individuals recommended should understand that much of the business of the Screening Committee will require a high degree of confidentiality as potential candidates’ names and application materials will be reviewed and discussed, but are not yet publicly available.

      The SAU #39 Board is asking for volunteers from the community who are interested in participating. Specifically, we are looking for individuals interested in filling the following roles:

  1. A parent with a child currently attending school in the Mont Vernon School District,

  2. A parent with a child currently attending school in the Amherst School District (grades K-8),

  3. A parent with a child currently attending Souhegan High School,

  4. A retired member or individual without students currently attending the Amherst or Mont Vernon schools.


If you are interested in serving on the Screening Committee for one of these positions, please submit an email to no later than November 11th. In the email, please include: name, address, position you are interested in filling, and a brief summary of why you would like to be considered. If we have multiple qualified applicants for a position we will draw names from a hat at random. If appointed you will be notified no later than November 14th.

      The first meeting of the Screening Committee is scheduled for November 28th at 6:30 p.m., at which time a NESDEC search consultant will facilitate a training workshop for the Screening Committee members. The consultant will also assist in reviewing applications, and in the selection of candidates the Screening Committee wishes to interview. During this meeting, the interview schedule, agenda, and questions for the candidates will also be developed. As outlined, many responsibilities are planned to be accomplished; therefore, Screening Committee members should plan to be available for approximately three hours during this initial meeting. A second meeting will take place on November 30th at 6:30 pm.

      Across subsequent meetings, the first two weeks of December, the Screening Committee is anticipated to interview a total of approximately 8-10 candidates who best meet the candidate profile that has been established by NESDEC and the SAU #39 Board with significant input from school and community focus groups and surveys. At the conclusion of the interviews, the Screening Committee will recommend 3-5 candidates for further consideration by the SAU #39 Board.

      Selecting a new Superintendent of Schools is an critical endeavor for the entire community, and it requires an extraordinary commitment of time and energy. The SAU #39 Board would greatly appreciate our community's participation in the process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at .

Very truly yours,

Josh Conklin

Chair Superintendent Search Committee

NAEP Releases Student Achievement Results

​The Nation’s Report Card 

      CONCORD, NH (Oct. 24, 2022) — On Monday, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released The Nation’s Report Card, which provides detailed information about student achievement and learning.  

      In New Hampshire, fourth and eighth-grade students were tested in math and reading. There were 1,800 fourth-grade students tested in math, while there were 1,700 fourth-grade students tested in reading and 1,700 eighth-grade students tested in both math and reading. The 2022 tests were administered from January to March and were the first NAEP tests to be conducted since 2019 because of the pandemic.  


      Although New Hampshire’s average test scores are down from 2019, New Hampshire students are still scoring above the national average in both math and reading. New Hampshire was one of only four states that scored above the national average in both subjects for both grade levels. 

      “Now is the time for those of us in leadership positions to take a hard look at the data, what we’re seeing on the Nation’s Report Card and on other key measures, and use that to guide our decision making so that all students can overcome the challenges of the moment and access high-quality education,” said Edelblut, adding districts and educators across the state are keenly aware of these needs and have been working hard to address them. 

      Covid relief funds are being used throughout New Hampshire school districts to target areas of need and prioritize students. In addition, numerous efforts were launched earlier this year to combat missed learning, including a partnership between the New Hampshire Department of Education and to provide free tutoring to all grade 6-12 students, a collaboration with Lexia to create literacy champions and advance reading skills among our youth, and ENGAGE New Hampshire, which provides academic success coaches to help students stay on track, among other initiatives.  

      Explore the results at